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Amber Oakes Goes Bi-Coastal!

It may not be too surprising to hear that Amber Oakes’ creative process is driven primarily by remote collaboration – each contributing to songwriting, production and recording work from a distance. It’s 2020 after all, and COVID-19 has changed the way a LOT of artists and music industry folks approach their various processes. In our case, Amber Oakes’ next musical release will be the result of a very similar process as Crack You Wide Open; we’re already file-sharing and video chatting our way through a few different projects, but this time with a 3,000 mile distance between us. That’s right, we’re now a Vermont/Washington based vocal duo but it hasn’t changed what we have in store for you one bit!

Hey, maybe when the world is safe for travel again, we’ll even be able to get together for some live performances on one coast or the other. If you follow our story at all, you know we are best friends and can’t wait to be side-by-side singing together IRL again.

Art by Kaylani Perisho

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